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Sunburn is caused when the skin is overexposed to UV rays from the sun.[1] It is characterized by redness of the skin, which develops into peeling, burning, or itching skin. Blisters may develop in severe cases. Redness typically sets in after a few hours and leads to burning that can last for up to three days. This is followed by peeling skin that can last for up to a week.[2] Sunburns can be mild and be soothed with home remedies, or they can be severe and require medical attention.

What Is the Best Relief for Pain and Itching of Sunburn?

Severe sunburn symptoms such as fever, nausea, and fainting require immediate medical attention.[2] In case of severe symptoms, medical treatment should be sought at a nearby health center such as Brevard Health Alliance. There is no cure for sunburn, and the best remedy is prevention. Will anti-inflammatory medicine help a sunburn? Yes, it can.

In mild cases, sunburn can be relieved at home with the help of a few natural relief tips, such as the ones below.

  • One question people often ask is how to stop sunburn itch, which is a common and early symptom. A cool bath or shower, an oatmeal bath, and the application of moisturizers are effective ways to relieve itching.[1]
  • Rehydrating by drinking plenty of water will restore moisture to the skin and relieve itching and pain.[3]
  • A cool bath of oatmeal, baking soda, and cider vinegar will relieve itching, pain, and inflammation.[4]
  • Inflammation can be reduced by applying a cold compress.[1][4]
  • Aloe vera cream is a good moisturizer for sunburn and can treat peeling skin sunburn.[2][3]
  • Hydrocortisone cream can relieve more severe symptoms such as swelling and pain.[1]
  • The best way to treat sunburn blisters is to leave them be and not break them. If they do break, wash them with mild soap and apply an antibiotic ointment. After they dry, bind the area with a bandage and let them heal.[3]

We Can Help

Contact us at Brevard Health Alliance for treatment of severe sunburn. We can also give you expert advice on treating mild sunburn at home.






Woman with sunburned skin at home, closeup