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Answers to Your Behavioral Health Questions in Malabar, FL

Patients in Brevard County, Cocoa, Malabar, Palm Bay, Titusville, Melbourne, and Rockledge, FL rely on Brevard Health Alliance for their behavioral health needs. As the area’s trusted leader, we provide a wide variety of mental health services for adults and children. We offer “whole-person care,” which partners our psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, and various other licensed mental health providers with primary care providers to ensure you’re getting the care you deserve. Learn more about our behavioral health services, and then contact us today to schedule your patient consultation.

As behavior health specialists, we examine the way the patient’s daily habits and activities affect their overall mental health. By identifying behaviors such as substance abuse disorders, lack of exercise, and poor dietary habits, we can provide guidance on how to improve the overall state of your body and mind.

The easiest way to differentiate the two is to think about behavioral health as a piece of your overall mental health. While behavioral health focuses specifically on how your actions and habits contribute to your overall mental wellness, mental health examines other factors, including biology and psychological conditions. Brain chemistry and genetics may be a factor in your mental health.

Yes. Often, behavioral health and mental health disorders occur together. Overeating and drug and alcohol abuse are usually the surface-level behaviors of someone with an underlying mental illness. It’s crucial to modify the behavior by developing effective coping mechanisms and addressing the underlying mental illness with psychiatric care and counseling.

At Brevard Health Alliance, our licensed psychologists and social workers have experience working with both adults and children. Creating a positive and structured environment at a young age is pivotal for children with behavioral issues. Learning coping mechanisms now can help them throughout their lifetime. Our adult patients can also learn new strategies to cope with their behavioral issues, even if those behaviors have been pervasive throughout their entire life. We take a customized approach that is meant to explore each patient individually to understand underlying causes for long-lasting and effective results.

Numerous types of behavioral therapies are available to help patients identify and cope with their mental illness. The psychologists at Brevard Health Alliance have been assisting patients since 2005. Together we’ll explore your behavioral patterns and work towards helping you achieve a more positive mental state. The behavioral therapy options we offer include the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – We’re able to alter the patient’s thinking and habits by understanding how thoughts and beliefs influence their moods. This type of self-inflection provides the patient with insight to make healthier choices.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy – Children often have difficulty expressing their fears and thoughts, and parents may have trouble understanding their child’s needs. Through play, our staff can gain insight into the challenges your child is facing.
  • Systematic Desensitization – Systematic desensitization therapy is ideal for patients attempting to overcome a phobia. We work towards replacing the patient’s normal fear response to a situation with a more positive response such as deep breathing to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Aversion Therapy – By associating an unhealthy behavior with an unpleasant stimulus, we can help those dealing with drugs, alcohol, and other substance abuse.

As more research becomes available, it’s clear that an integrated approach to mental health services significantly increases the chance for positive outcomes. Integrated care attempts to combine health services partially or fully with general or specialty medical services. We can create a customized care plan for you through the collaborative efforts of psychologists, primary care physicians, and medical specialists.

At Brevard Health Alliance, our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals has experience treating a wide range of mental health and chemical dependency issues. Each of our mental health providers is licensed and certified. Finding the right counselor to meet your individual needs is crucial for successful treatment. We can find the right counselor for you with a wide range of mental health specializations. The mental health issues we treat include:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anger Issues
  • Self-Harm
  • Phobias
  • And More

Yes! Telemedicine also applies to many types of mental health services, including behavioral therapies. One of the benefits of modern technology is our counselors can meet with you via video conferencing. Teletherapy allows you to meet with our counselors in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our teletherapy option is perfect for adults with hectic schedules or those who can’t find childcare services. Instead of taking a significant amount of time out of your day to travel to our office, you can meet with us remotely, wherever it’s easiest for you.

The most significant benefit of teletherapy is that it has allowed more people to access the mental health services they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Finding the time for your teletherapy sessions is less work because it requires less time to make the appointment. We also find that many patients enjoy the comfort of chatting with their counselor in their living room, bedroom, or office. Teletherapy has revolutionized how we provide mental illness services to patients throughout the region.

Not every insurance offers mental health benefits. However, we do accept most major private insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid plans. We understand that mental health services may be essential for those that don’t have proper insurance coverage. We provide special discounted rates for uninsured individuals. Contact our team today to learn more about the insurance we accept.

We leave the appointment frequency up to the provider and the patient because each behavioral treatment plan is uniquely tailored to meet your needs. However, most of our patients schedule an appointment with their provider at least once per month to ensure steady progress is made.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, we encourage you to contact 9-1-1 immediately. We always strive to meet the needs of our patients when they’re experiencing a mental health emergency, but 9-1-1 provides them with 24/7 services. We always make it a priority to stay in contact with our patients in between appointments and will follow up as soon as possible.

We understand that sometimes life can become overwhelming, and canceling a therapy appointment may be necessary. In the event of a cancellation, be sure to get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience for cancellations.

The first step in finding a mental health provider for you is an evaluation. We find out what your needs and goals are. We’ll assess your overall health. Choosing the right behavioral therapist is crucial for ensuring the very best outcomes for our patients. We encourage potential patients to ask questions about our providers to ensure the best fit.

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Schedule Your Behavioral Therapy Appointment Today

The behavioral health providers at Brevard Health Alliance have decades of combined experience providing services to adults and children throughout the region. Your daily habits and routine are tied to your overall mental well-being. With our integrated behavioral mental health services, your PCP, specialist, and mental health provider will work in concert with each other to ensure that you get the comprehensive care you deserve for a positive outcome. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation.

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