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Request Your Appointments Online!

Virtual Visits Also Available!

Request An Appointment

Not only do we provide virtual visits at your fingertips, but we also give you easy access to your medical records and the ability to message your healthcare team. Taking control of your health has never been easier.

  • Access Health Records
  • Message Your Healthcare Team
  • Request Appointments
  • Virtual Visits
  • and Much More!

Visits for acute issues like flu, cold, allergy, or sinus concerns, and routine follow-ups including contraceptive management, ADHD, diabetes, behavioral health, and many more may be eligible for a TeleVisit! Call your healthcare team to schedule your next visit!

Brevard Health Alliance’s Portal

Register online at the BHA PORTAL or call or text your healthcare team today at 321-241-6800.

3 Simple Steps to an Appointment

Accessing your Scheduled TeleVisit from home is simple!

  1. Open the email or text and click on the link provided.
  2. Fill out and submit the questionnaires and vitals.
  3. Start the TeleVisit!


How to Participate in a Televisit

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