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Over the past 30 years, the rates of overweight individuals and obesity have risen at a dramatic speed.[1] Packing your lunch for work or school could help you avoid unwanted weight gain. You’ll also save money by bringing your lunch, and you won’t have to worry about driving anywhere to find food during your lunch hour. Here are some easy-to-make, high-protein lunch ideas to try.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are high in protein, are easy to transport, and can be prepared a dozen at a time.[2] For even more convenience, purchase pre-cooked/peeled eggs and save time. Greek yogurt and almonds are also rich in protein and pair well with eggs for lunch. Be sure to keep eggs and other dairy items in the refrigerator to avoid foodborne illnesses. Toss them in a lunchbox with an ice pack and go on with your day. At Brevard Health Alliance, our healthcare professionals can review your dietary intake to make sure you’re getting a balanced diet.


A salad with dark, leafy greens, cooked and diced chicken or lean beef, and broccoli is filling and full of protein. Add avocado, beets, and carrots for additional fiber. Fiber slows down digestion, helping you feel full longer so that you can maintain health and control weight. [3]

Nut Butter and Seed Butter

Pair your preferred type of nut butter or seed butter with keto-friendly, whole-grain, or paleo bread. A protein wrap, snack bars, or celery sticks are good alternatives to bread. Nut butter or seed butter sandwiches are portable and don’t require refrigeration.

At Brevard Health Alliance, we offer nutritional counseling and tips for packing lunches for picky eaters, special dietary needs, and more. We also offer wellness and preventive checkups to make sure you’re eating nutritious food. For additional tips on easy and tasty lunch ideas for school or work, contact us today.





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