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All of us are feeling a little cooped up these days. Whether it’s the winter weather, the tail end of a global pandemic, or both, the majority of people are spending their days at home. Staying in is not an excuse to sit on the couch and let fitness fall to the wayside. It’s entirely possible to up your exercise game while staying indoors. Read on for how to stay active in winter during cold weather.

Our Favorite Tips for Exercising During the Winter

First and foremost, a winter workout plan does not have to involve a gym membership. Here at Brevard Health Alliance, we want to show you how to exercise in the winter without going to the gym. Even better for your winter workout plan, our tips don’t involve any spending; all of these winter exercise ideas can be done using common household items:

  • Use water bottles or milk jugs as makeshift weights.
  • YouTube is your best friend for free indoor workouts, whether it’s yoga, aerobics or anything in between. You can also find videos geared toward different levels of experience.
  • Start simple. Consider briskly walking around your living space while talking on the phone or doing jumping jacks during commercial breaks while watching TV.
  • If you live in an apartment complex with indoor stairs or have stairs in your home, walking or jogging them is a quick way to burn calories.
  • Enlist your spouse, roommate, or children to exercise with you for fun and accountability.
  • Remember that cleaning can be a very effective cardio workout!

We Are Here for All Your Health Needs

Brevard Health Alliance believes in a healthy mind and body, which is why we believe in cold weather workout exercises. Call us today to schedule an appointment whether it’s a winter cold or a wellness visit. We are happy to serve you.

Teen Women Doing Workout in Home