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Teenagers are at a stage in their lives where they are the most vulnerable to peer pressure and being influenced by those around them. They are also growing and developing at an accelerated rate, including physical changes that involve hormone imbalances as well as a higher risk of acquiring a disease. It is best to take your teen annual wellness visits. Here are some benefits of wellness visits for teenagers.

1. Early Prevention Is Key

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the ACPM, the majority of health issues that teens face—drug use, early sexual activity, teen pregnancy—can be prevented through routine health checkups.[1] This means that annual wellness visits, with a focus on disease prevention, are remarkably beneficial for teens.

Those at Brevard Health Alliance care about your teen’s health. That is why we offer free vaccines at most locations.

2. Learning to Care About Health

Your teenager will begin to care more about their health and their body and make choices to strengthen their health if they have positive experiences with their doctor.

Wellness visits are an opportunity for your teenager to explore their own health in a safe environment. It’s healthy for teenagers to learn that their doctor is someone that they can trust.

Did you know that through Brevard Health Alliance, many pediatrics offices have same-day and walk-in appointments?

3. The Perfect Time to Talk

Your teen is less likely to take you seriously if you bring up a health issue when they are at home. Wellness visits are a great time to have a conversation about health issues and to begin a dialogue about health care concerns.

4. Their Bodies Are Changing

A teen’s health needs change with their bodies in large and small ways. As a teen goes through puberty, their bodies are experiencing changes that can bring on health problems. A well-child visit with a doctor can help a teen learn about these changes and how to manage them.

5. Their Mental Health Matters

There is a lot of pressure on teenagers to do well in school and to fit in with their peers. It’s important for teens to learn how to deal with some everyday pressures of being a teenager. The CDC reports that 3.2 percent of those aged 3-17 have battled with depression.[2]

It’s very important that children and teens see their doctor at least once a year, even if they aren’t sick. Wellness visits are the best preventative measure you can make to benefit your child’s health. Schedule a wellness visit with Brevard Health Alliance for your teen today.




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