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Spring in Florida is an active time of year as sports seasons ramp up and our outdoor and group activities increase. With increased activities often come increased injuries and illnesses for our children.

Is his foot bruised or is it broken? Is it something she ate, or something more? Parents face a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the health of their kids, and it’s even more difficult to know when your child needs to see a doctor for what’s ailing them.

Here are some common scenarios:


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends calling or seeing a doctor if:

  • An infant under three months of age has any fever.
  • A child three to six months of age has a rectal temperature of 101 degrees F or higher and six months of age or older with a rectal temperature of 103 degrees F.
  • The child is older than three months and the fever has lasted more than three days.


It’s recommended your child see a doctor if:

  • The child develops an earache.
  • The child develops a fever over 102 degrees F.
  • The child becomes exceptionally sleepy, cranky or fussy.
  • A skin rash develops.
  • Breathing becomes rapid or labored.
  • The cough becomes persistent or severe.


When an injury occurs children should see a doctor as soon as possible. Most urgent care centers can x-ray, set, and cast broken bones (and sprains). If the broken bone has pierced the skin or if you think your child’s neck or back may be broken, that’s a definite trip to the Emergency Room.

When You Can’t Wait Until Office Hours

Brevard Health Alliance is pleased to announce the opening of our Pediatric Urgent Care Center with extended weekday and weekend hours for the treatment of injuries, illnesses, infections, abrasions and lacerations, asthma and allergies, and more.

Our highly-trained team of pediatric specialists is here to provide the services your child needs at times that work with your schedule. Quality care, when you need it for all the “uh-oh” moments of childhood.

Treatment for:

Aches, Sprains, and Breaks

Coughs, Colds and Fevers

Illnesses and Infections

Asthma and Allergies

Services include:

On-Site X-Ray

Sutures, Bandages, Temporary Casts

Rapid Flu & Strep Tests


Pharmacy Services

For more information about BHA’s Pediatric Urgent Care visit:

Doctor checking a small girl