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An Alzheimer’s diagnosis is devastating for the patient and their loved ones. If you have decided to provide in-home care, here is what you’ll need to know and how Brevard Health Alliance can help.

Tips for Caring for Someone With Alzheimer’s

As your parent’s mental state declines, they will experience confusion, mood swings and exhibit poor judgment. If your parent exhibits aggression, take time to understand the cause and any triggers that may increase their agitation. Frequent causes for aggressive behavior are confusion and fear.[1]

It’s important not to take your parent’s outbursts personally or become defensive. Remain calm and listen, using photos or personal items to help them remember. If needed, provide your parent with space to sort through emotions at their own pace.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Stress: How to Cope

Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s is challenging as your parent’s mental state may vary each day. In the later stages of the disease, your parent may need constant care to keep them from harm’s way and to perform daily activities such as dressing.

Constant vigilance can cause caregivers to feel stressed or isolated, as their world begins to center around their parent’s care. It’s important to seek help from family members or local resources so you can find time to practice self-care.

Coping With Alzheimer’s Among Family Members

Everyone deals with grief differently, a process that begins with the diagnosis. It’s important to have open conversations about your loved one’s care and to make important decisions as a family.

Brevard Health Alliance has a team of Board Certified Psychiatrists and Psychologists that can support families through group and individual therapy.

How to Learn More

The team at the Brevard Health Alliance can help you monitor your parent’s mental and physical health on your schedule with options for telecommunication and virtual visits. Visit us online or call us today to learn how we can support you.



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