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To say we live stress free is not being realistic. Stress is a part of our new normal. Everyone and thing experiences it; from our pets to our children and spouses. As a society it is no surprise that we would bring awareness to this disorder and call it National Stress-Awareness Month. April is the official Stress-Awareness month; so how do we celebrate it? We celebrate it by bringing awareness to how to not let stress be the boss of our lives. Below is list of things we can do to help manage that stress monster.

Add Yoga to Your Life

Practicing yoga is a great activity to manage stress. Unlike regular exercise, yoga delivers a calmness to your nervous system. You immediately experience this at the end of your yoga session. That calmness registers in your mind and body and comes out when you encounter stress. The breathing practice and holding of poses teaches the body how to remain calm when it is uncomfortable or feeling stressed in its current position.You know stress is the new normal but with regular practice of yoga it helps you keep stress in its place so you can cope in that stressful environment.

Chuckle It Up

Let loose and laugh it up to release stress. Your body actually reduces stress hormones from just laughing. Your body releases this natural high called endorphins and this chemical just makes you feel good all over. You experience a sense of well-being and have a stress-free moment. Laughing truly takes your mind off of your problem. You release tension and feel good. This is a great, easy technique you can use to feel better instantly. Why not string more and more of these laughing fits throughout your day and de-stress with a smile…or chuckle.

Focus On Something Other Than Your Problem

It may seem odd, but sometimes the best remedy to de-stress is to put your attention on someone else’s problem. Roll up your sleeves and lend a helping hand to someone that needs you. When you take your attention off you and onto someone else you take the pressure off that deep concentration you have been giving to your problem. Taking a step back, away from your problem allows you a chance to catch your breath, regroup and re-gather your thoughts. It is a great way to not just reduce your stress, but you can look around you, see who needs a hand and offer yours.

Clean Up and Get Organized

Cleaning is a great stress reliever. When we clean something like our homes, once cleaned you experience this great release of stress. This turns cleaning into a form of stress management. Try to be mindful of your cleaning and let it work in your favor as a kind of meditation. You will be amazed how soothing cleaning can be. A clean environment brings value by creating an inspiring place to wake up to, a soothing place to come home to, and a relaxing place to live. The time and energy you put into cleaning your home energizes your mood, lifts your spirits and eases your stress. You give all your attention to doing a great job and you bask in that beautiful sense of accomplishment. You create a peaceful, stress free atmosphere.

Take Care of Your Health

We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but it is so good for your mood and effective at releasing tension. The body releases a mood boost called endorphins. This natural feel good rush not only melts stress away, but changes your perspective on your situation. Exercise attacks stress in the body, mind and the brain. When you exercise, you take all that aggression and negative energy you are faced with and attack it during your workout. Every punch and kick gives you the opportunity to release tension and replace it with a calmness.

Get To Know Your Faith

A spiritual relationship helps still the mind making it stress free. Meditation and prayer are exceptional practices that relax the mind. Your goal is to find a quiet place to sit and take a few deep breaths to help you quiet your thoughts and allow the stress to melt away. Just 10 minutes spent in prayer and meditation daily does wonders for releasing stress in your life.

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