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It is official; no one needs convincing on how important exercise is to their life. The bigger problem has always been finding time to exercise. With life so busy, people struggle trying to find time to exercise and take better care of their health. For many, after working all day people are not interested in exercising once they get home. Many have full duties that need their attention at home including cooking, picking up the children, laundry and more. No matter how good your intentions, you just cannot find the time to exercise. What we fail to accept is that as long as exercise sits on the side of your life you will never get to it.

Today more and more people are giving it their best shot to exercise while at work. This makes sense for many reasons. We spend a great portion of our day at work so why not add a little exercise here and there? This form of exercise could be effective and not interfere with your work task. Like any new change, it takes consistency, but well worth the effort. If you cannot find time to exercise but know you need and want to exercise; then turn your work day into a get fit while working day. There are a variety of exercises you can easily do throughout your day to create a 30 minute or more workout for your body.

Walk to Work

A brisk walk to work is a great way to get exercise in. You will probably walk faster so you are not late. That is a winning combination. You will burn more calories and still arrive on time. This could be challenging if you work far from home; the remedy would be to drive, park and walk from there. The beauty of this option is that you know your car is waiting for you. Remember to walk with a purpose and swing your arms and take full steps. Try not to use this time to talk while you walk. Save the cell phone for another time and give this time to your health.

Chair Exercising and Resistance Bands

Don’t let sitting down fool you; a great workout can be had while sitting down. Invest in a medium weight resistance band and use it for all sorts of exercises for your upper body. You can sneak these strengthening and toning exercise intervals in throughout your day. Aim for at least 10 minutes each time and you will really see a difference.

  • Place a resistance band under your feet and reach both ends of the band to the ceiling to work your shoulders
  • Push both arms behind you and exercise the backs of your arms
  • Curl both arms up towards your shoulders and exercise the front of your arms.
  • Replace your chair with a resistance ball and you can condition your abdominal by just sitting. Because you are on an unstable surface; you exercise your abdominal the entire time.

The possibilities are endless.

Use Your Office as Your Gym

Take advantage of your office furniture and use it as exercise equipment. Devote your 10 minute breaks to exercise. It only takes 10 minutes to make a change in your body. If you devote 2 or more of your breaks to exercise several times a week, in no time at all you have created regular workout routines that you can do several times a week.

  • Use the side of your desk to do pushups for your chest
  • Place one hand on your desk and do lunges for your legs
  • Place your hands on the wall and squat down and up
  • Kick your leg over your desk 20 times to work your thighs
  • Place your hand on the wall and lift your leg away and back to exercise the outer thigh

Once again, the possibilities are endless.

With these easy exercise ideas you can get your workout in. There is no denying exercising nonstop 30 to 60 minutes is beneficial; but studies show that 10 minute exercise bursts are effective as well. From your commute to work to your office exercises you can put exercise into your life and make real changes in your health and your body.

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