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As the seasons change, do you find that your allergy symptoms start to flare up? It can be frustrating to be dealing with a runny nose and itching eyes throughout the day. The body is reacting to something in your environment, causing the immune reaction to kick in.

Fall Allergies in Florida

In the state of Florida, fall allergies can be related to several things that are going on during this time of year:

  • Pollen in the Air:As the weather cools, certain plants and trees tend to release more pollen. For example, oak and pine season starts in October. Ragweed is also a common cause of allergy symptoms in the fall.
  • Mold Growth:At the same time, the presence of mold can also increase this time of year. Mold can form due to the humidity and tropical storms. Not only can mold form in the home in damp, dark areas, but the cooler weather also increases the likelihood of mold growth on leaves and plants.

Fall Allergy Symptoms

These are some of the most common symptoms if you are experiencing fall allergies:

  • Watery, itching eyes
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Stuffy or running nose
  • Postnasal dripping
  • Wheezing if someone has both allergies and asthma
  • Scratchy throat
  • Itching skin, ears, throat, and/or sinuses
  • Chronic headaches

Treatments for Seasonal Allergies

You can’t do anything to cure your allergic reaction to specific compounds in your environment. But a few simple steps can be followed to maintain good health and reduce the impact of these symptoms.

Since allergies flare when you are exposed to the allergens, look for ways to decrease your exposure. For example, stay inside more when you know that your allergy trigger is high outside. Use a quality indoor air filtration system built into your air conditioning unit or as a standalone filter in your room.

It can also help to keep your home environment free of dust and other allergens. Bedding should be washed in hot water at least once a week. Keep surfaces free of dust. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to eliminate allergens that might be trapped in carpet fibers.

A doctor can provide treatment options to reduce the symptoms. For example, some people find relief by taking allergy medication each day or using nasal rinses. While these fall allergy symptoms can be uncomfortable, it is possible to find relief by working with a doctor who specializes in allergy treatments.