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Health care has never been more diversified and accessible as it is today, all thanks to telecommunication. The integration of all forms of digital technology, including broadband internet, computers, and equipment that supports videoconferencing, has made this possible, giving birth to the term “telemedicine.”[1] How exactly has telecommunication done away with traditional paperwork and improved health care in the process? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Telecommunication in Health Care

Telecommunication has provided drastic developmental changes in the health sector and offered a level of convenience that could not be otherwise achieved.[2] At Brevard Health Alliance, we’ve found that these are the ways patients and doctors have gained the most from our telecommunication services.

Advantages of Telecommunication to Patients

  • Patients who live in the country or away from specialized medical services can have consultations with their health care providers without necessarily having to travel miles to meet them.
  • Patients who are living with persistent conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes can check their vitals using the now-accessible devices for that purpose and send those details directly to their physicians.
  • Patients recovering from conditions that require them to remain at home, such as those who suffered a heart attack, can monitor their progress with the use of modern technology and update their caregivers from the comfort of their home.
  • Patients can access their lab test results online instead of having to wait for them for hours or having to return the following day to retrieve them physically.
  • Technology allows for easy correspondence between patients and doctors. This improves patient awareness and allows for health care providers to offer a higher quality of patient care.

It has also been proven that telecommunication platforms can be used to provide care to a majority of senior citizens in need of special care. Follow-up health care can be carried out efficiently via teleconferencing programs and is significantly cheaper than physical consultations. This also reduces congestion in clinics and does away with avoidable hospital admissions for patients into critical wards.[3]

Advantages of Telecommunication for Doctors

  • Health care providers can attend to more patients because there are shorter waiting periods and fewer patients at the clinics.
  • Health care personnel from one hospital can consult with specialists from another hospital to their advantage without necessarily having to hire them at each health facility.
  • Physicians can customize health care services to fit each patient through the regular and convenient observation of their condition and progress.
  • Patients can be discharged as soon as they have recuperated to free up more beds. They can then be monitored via telemedicine platforms.

About Brevard Health Alliance

Brevard Health Alliance has been at the forefront in incorporating telecommunication platforms into health care, ensuring that we provide optimal care to all our patients. You can book appointments for emergency care for your child online and even attend virtual consultations. All you need to do is visit our website and fill out an appointment form. We will then give you a call to confirm it. We’ll strive to meet you at your convenience and provide the best-quality health care services.

Reach Out to Us

The medical team at Brevard Health Alliance is always looking for new ways to provide better services to all our patients. That’s why we provide you with the necessary telecommunication platforms to ensure that you receive quality health care wherever you are. Call us for more information on how you can schedule an online appointment today.


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