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Use Telehealth to Diagnose Common Conditions

A telehealth diagnosis involves a virtual medical appointment with your healthcare team. Telehealth has many advantages, like saving time and saving a commute.[4] A host of common diagnoses, where a physical examination by your healthcare provider is not necessary, can be performed remotely by your doctor.[4] Technical resources, which are easy to access and use, enable you to communicate remotely with telehealth providers and use their telehealth services.[4]

Types of Ailments Eligible for Telehealth

There are a host of ailments that may not require a physical examination by your doctor. You can use an app to schedule a telehealth appointment and communicate with your healthcare team, who can perform a diagnosis remotely. A few such medical conditions are listed below.[1]

  • Flu and cold
  • Sinus concerns and allergies
  • Rashes and Skin conditions
  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Medication management and testing/lab results
  • Diabetes
  • Mental Health concerns

At Brevard Health Alliance, we connect you with a list of healthcare and telehealth providers with whom you can communicate via an online portal or a convenient app.[1]

Types of Telehealth Services

You can use the telehealth platform not just for a medical diagnosis but also for other healthcare-related tasks.[1][3]

  • Access your health records
  • Make and manage your telehealth appointments
  • Communicate with your healthcare team whenever needed
  • Fill out pre-appointment patient questionnaires
  • Avail of free live chat support to sort out any technical difficulties

You can download and set up the app on your mobile device in four simple steps.[2] Alternatively, you can participate in the telehealth appointment using a computer and a webcam.[3]

Telehealth simplifies your medical appointments so that you can consult with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home. Contact us at Brevard Health Alliance to schedule your telehealth appointment.






Senior woman sitting at laptop and talking to virtual doctor of e-health service