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Getting healthy, being healthy, staying healthy; who does not want that? More importantly, if you want that for yourself then you want it for your family. It is an important prevention step you implement right down to your children. So often we believe because their bodies are little and full of energy they get all their needs from the foods they eat. However, today our children are as busy if not busier than we are. They go to school, play sports, join teams, exercise and more. Couple that active lifestyle with a parent’s whose life is just as active and deficiencies easily happen. Parents have the best intentions, but some meals fall short of the nutritional value their child needs. Some children are picky eaters which is another opportunity to not get complete nutrition.

Ideally, children should get their nutritional needs met from the foods they eat. This is the first line of defense used to create healthier bodies. When this falls short, supplementing with specific vitamins helps bring balance for more complete nutrition. There are specific vitamins most children need to enjoy optimal health. Many pediatricians know incomplete nutrition happens when daily meals are nutritionally unbalanced. Pediatricians recommend multi-vitamins when children don’t get the well-rounded nutrition their bodies need for optimal growth. Below are specific vitamins and supplements most children need for healthier living.

Vitamin A

Normal growth and development is important. Without certain foods, children struggle with tissue and bone repair. Certain foods make sure children have healthy eyes and skin and their overall immune system responds and defends them from colds and the environment. Vitamin A is found in cheese, eggs, yams, milk and carrots. If these foods are not regularly eaten, a multi-vitamin steps in to fill that nutritional gap. CeBa Tek has over 20 years online vitamin and supplement store servicing. Products made from the purest ingredients goes into every order they design. Professional online experts make sure each product is just right for you and your family.

Vitamin Bs

Kids need energy. They run hard and play harder. Without proper sustenance their performance and concentration struggles. The circulatory is in charge of heart function and healthy fluid circulation. The nervous system is the brain’s ability to send messages to the body. Both suffer from lack of Vitamin Bs. Children need milk, nuts, chicken, beans, and fish; each is packed with B vitamins. If your child is allergic, vegetarian or picky eater; parents struggle getting these important nutrients in. Supplementing with vitamins and minerals gives your child what they lack from their food. It is the next best choice when nourishment suffers.

Vitamin C

Your child’s delicate skin needs protection. That is what Vitamin C does and more. As children, aging is not a concern, but Vitamin C is known for skin improvement and wrinkle reduction. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine great for allergies, asthma and nasal symptoms. Vitamin C supports connective tissue and healthier muscles. There is a variety of foods to choose from with ample Vitamin C including leafy greens, citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes and many other greens. Healthy begins with what our children eat. Reach for whole foods and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. When diets fail to meet nutritional needs; vitamins are rescue support.

Vitamin D

Children spend so much time indoors online and in front of flat screens. This contributes to the current Vitamin D epidemic. Sunshine and good health go together. From being outdoors, the body naturally absorbs Vitamin D. Without enough Vitamin D, other nutrients like calcium suffer. The ability will not absorb calcium properly; this messes with healthy bone and tooth formation. Mackerel and salmon are fatty fish choices along with milk. These are sources, but sunlight is best.


To grow properly, strong bones are essential. Calcium plays a direct role in stronger teeth and bones. However, calcium is not as effective without Vitamin D. The two need each to work their best. Cheese, milk and other dairy products are rich in Calcium. Better nutrition begins with what we feed our children. Whole foods with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is foundational. This is where vitamins and minerals begin and where parents turn to first for balanced nutrition.

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