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Identifying Children’s Feelings During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire world. Already separated from friends and relatives and worrying about what they see happening at home and on the news, children are at risk and may not know how to express their feelings.[1]

Childhood Fears

Like adults, children may be afraid of getting sick or dying. The structure provided by the school system is no longer there, and concerns range from the absence of hot lunches to the lack of technology for completing assignments at home.

Being at home during the school day takes away the social support that many children get in the classroom, especially if the home is not a safe place. Even if they understand the changes, children may be angry or demanding, adding to the tension of already stressed parents.

Strategies for Coping

Children pick up cues from adults and pattern their behavior after what they see.[2] They need level-headed role models to learn to respond in positive ways. When caretakers are anxious, children experience the same feelings. To be emotionally healthy or to feel free to talk about physical symptoms, they need a stable environment.

Besides maintaining a consistent schedule, parents can structure the day to include exercise, creative activities and a regular bedtime. Working closely with teachers and understanding expectations also make learning easier.

We Can Help

We know it’s hard to parent in uncertain times. Whether you need someone to listen or to treat a sick child, the professionals at Brevard Health Alliance are here for you. We offer services to keep you and your children mentally and physically healthy during the crisis.

Contact us to schedule a virtual visit or read our other blog posts to learn more.


[1] are likely to be,mental well-being


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