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It’s springtime, which means that it’s a good idea to make your spring cleaning checklist. Your list will be particular to your home, and it might include shampooing the carpets, laundering the quilts, changing the air filter, and more. Read on to learn about ways to clean in spring for health benefits.

Improve Mindfulness

When you shop, you might buy something because it’s cute. Then, you forget about it. If you received a holiday gift that’s still sitting around, consider spring cleaning it out of your home. KonMari is one of the most popular clutter-reduction methods to clean in spring for health benefits.[1] It focuses on mindfulness of what’s in your environment.

Reduce Allergies

Dust, pollen, and other allergens can settle on flat surfaces in your home. Cleaning these surfaces removes those allergens.[2] You may breathe easier after deep-cleaning your home, changing the HVAC air filter, and washing all the linens, which are havens for dust mites. Brevard Health Alliance offers diagnosis and treatment for seasonal allergies and related conditions.

Feel Calmer

You might be surprised to learn that spring cleaning for mental health works.[3] Removing the grime and clutter from winter could help you feel calmer. Fewer distractions could increase your productivity. A clean, organized home is less stressful.

Spring cleaning helps you breathe easier. A clean environment boosts your productivity and mood, and it can even help you physically feel better. To learn more about the benefits of spring cleaning at work and home, get in touch with us at Brevard Health Alliance today.





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