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This is the first of many blog posts we will be posting here at Brevard Health Alliance, where our first priority is your care. We are Brevard County’s only Federally Qualified Health Center. We provide extensive primary care services to the residents of Brevard regardless of their ability to pay. By offering services on a sliding fee scale, Brevard Health Alliance has provided primary care, behavioral health, limited dental, diagnostic, resource management, and medication assistance, as well as specialty referrals, to Brevard County’s economically disadvantaged residents since March of 2005.

The mission of The Brevard Health Alliance, Inc. is to improve the overall health status of Brevard County’s medically underserved populations by providing an extraordinary quality of service in an environment which improves access to a primary care medical home. We want to take care of every member of Brevard County as they deserve, and meet all their health needs to the best of our abilities.

Our objective is to provide a primary health care home for our patients. Like your family physician, our goal is to provide not just urgent care, but preventive care and health care related education to our patients. Knowledge is power, and preventing any issues before they even arise is very important to us, not just treating current medical conditions. Brevard Health Alliance is a private, not-for-profit organization with a community board of directors. More than one half of our board members are patients of our clinics. We currently operate a pediatric clinic and adult clinic in Palm Bay, Malabar, Rockledge, Melbourne and Titusville. In addition to these locations, our flagship clinic is located on Sarno Road and includes all of our specialties (including pediatric, adult, behavioral health, and dental).

We take pride in our excellent medical care. The Brevard Health Alliance provides primary medical care with board certified family practice and internal medicine physicians as well as advanced practice nurse practitioners. This care includes health maintenance such as: well child check ups, well women care, and physicals. We also provide chronic disease management for conditions that include hyper tension and diabetes.

Another great feature of our program is our mobile units, which provide services to citizens at various locations throughout Brevard County. Think of it as providing professional medical care to residents “where they are” whether that is on the streets, in shelters, at soup kitchens, or at drop in centers. Currently, we provide healthcare services for about 2,500 Brevard County citizens that present as homeless. If you are interested in our Mobile Health Units, be sure to keep an eye on our monthly schedule, which is located conveniently on our website. Keep in mind that we run the units Monday through Friday, and that times vary based on location.

It has been almost a decade since we first opened, but we have done a lot in that time to work toward our goal of improving the health and overall lives of Brevard County Citizens. Since first opening on March 7th, 2005, we have:

  • Provided medical services to more than 88,900 Brevard Country citizens
  • Provided more than 565,500 medical visits
  • Provided more than 32,000 dental visits
  • Provided more than 17,250 behavioral health visits
  • Enabled thousands of specialty referrals to more than 140 generous Brevard County Physicians who voluntarily provide their services without charge
  • Secured over $41 Million in free medications (at average wholesale price) for its patients through our Medication Assistance program

Patients that are uninsured are offered discounted fees, based on income and family size. This helps to eliminate the worry uninsured residents might have of medical bills piling up. But this doesn’t mean that insured residents are excluded. In fact, Brevard Health Alliance accepts Health First Health Plans, Medicare, Medicaid, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and Florida Kid Care. Your questions will be gladly answered regarding our participation with your insurance carrier, all you have to do is contact us by phone or using the “Contact Us” form online.

Our website is very user friendly, and we encourage you to explore the different services we offer. This blog will serve as a place on our site where you’ll be able to find information about various medical conditions, tips to make you feel healthier and happier, any events we have going on, and further details about the services we offer. We look forward to creating a space where you can learn, grow, and become healthier!

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